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Steve Clay







I spent 30 years as a Police Officer reaching the rank of Detective Chief Inspector. I was an accredited Senior Investigating Officer responsible for homicide investigations and in charge of 60 Detectives.  I served 10 years in the Metropolitan Police and 20 years in Humberside. I then worked as a Safeguarding Adult Board Manager for 8 years forming the National Safeguarding Board Managers Network.  This allowed the sharing of good practice across the country. I was a trustee of Action on Elder Abuse for 3 years. My company, Simply Safeguarding is in its 9th year and has an excellent reputation across the country. I have recently concluded 12 Dental Conference speaker sessions on safeguarding. I deliver training on Safeguarding Adults, Children, Modern Slavery and the Mental Capacity Act. I delivered Care Act training to the national Trading Standards Scams team.  I also specialise in quality assurance of safeguarding processes, decision making against legislation and compliance with the Care Act 2014.

Tel: 07718150281

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