Director of Security Bonds Limited – Lynne Coombes

Lynne Coombes

Lynne Coombes’ Profile

Lynne Coombes

I was involved in the creation of Deputy Bond Services in 2012 after the tender award by the Ministry of Justice.

In October 2018, I together with fellow director  Paul Holton-Frances set up our own business:  Security Bonds Limited. We are a specialist company dedicated to providing financial protection for vulnerable people.

Having worked previously for some of the largest Brokers in the world, the team has over 30 years’ experience in the security bond market and bring knowledge and expertise to this niche area.

Alongside Money Carer Foundation and Aviva, we have developed a brand new security Bond specifically for Claimants and Appointees.

The Appointee Bond

The Bond offers financial protection to a Claimant in the event of misappropriation by the Appointee, it offers £16,000.00 of cover in the event of misappropriation by the Appointee.

Tel: O8OO 772 O886

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