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John Trott

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John Trott

I am the Managing Director of AbuseFreeLife with the professional objective of influencing change both at the frontline and strategically by working with other agencies to challenge attitudes and ensure professionals are confident and competent to accurately and consistently assess risk and save lives. AbuseFreeLife helps victims and survivors of abuse either directly or indirectly by working in consultation with other agencies or victims and delivering training to them thereby giving professionals and victims a greater knowledge and understanding of the complex nature of areas of Domestic Abuse, Coercive Control and Stalking. I retired from the police service in 2016 as a Detective Chief Inspector, Head of Public Protection and the Force Lead for Domestic Abuse, Honour Based Abuse, Stalking, FemaleGenital Mutilation and Safeguarding Adults/Adults at Risk. I am a Domestic Homicide Review Chair and an experienced MARAC and MAPPA Chair. I am regarded as an expert within the field of Domestic Abuse, Coercive Control and Stalking. This experience coupled with my comprehensive police and Senior Investigating Officer investigative background and knowledge of police systems, policies and procedures, knowledge of partnership working, organisational politics and his ongoing work with victims and victims’ services assists with his professional objective. I am also a popular keynote speaker in relation to Domestic Abuse, Coercive Control and Stalking having spoken throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland and I have designed and delivered training and consultancy to many Police Services, Social Services, Third Sector, Voluntary and Faith organisations over the last two years.


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