Expert in consumer affairs, fraud and consumer credit-related issues and Director of Vulnerability Registration Service – Helen Lord

Helen Lord’s Profile

I am a Director of Regulatory Strategies Limited (, an award winning regulatory and consumer affairs consultancy based in Nottingham and the Vulnerability Registration Service.

I am an expert in consumer affairs, fraud and consumer credit-related issues.

I have  a proven track record for providing very practical advice and guidance in particular around data protection and works with organisations across all sectors helping them to both protect their data assets and also optimise their commercial opportunities.

Prior to co-founding Regulatory Strategies in 2009, I was Director of Consumer Affairs at the world’s largest credit bureau, Experian PLC.

I have headed up a 130+ strong Consumer Help Service team handling credit report and related queries ensuring Data Protection and Consumer Credit Act compliance and set up the UK’s largest credit report monitoring and fraud prevention service and initiated the UK’s first victim of fraud service.

Helen has been responsible for developing highly respected education and financial literacy programmes and is a media trained spokesperson on consumer and fraud-related issues.

Tel: 024 7767 3992

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