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Paul Smith

Paul Smith’s Profile  

Paul Smith MSc Forensic Accounting, BSc (Hons) Policing
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Elder Financial Abuse Specialist Services

Before starting my own business, I worked for 25 years as a police officer in Dorset. My career was varied, but the bulk was spent within CID as a Detective Constable and 10 years as a Detective Sergeant. I worked in major and serious and organised crime and of late as the Adults of Abuse Investigations Coordinator. Although I have investigated murders, stranger rapes and drug importation, the latter part of my career was where I found my passion, fraud and in particular the financial abuse which affects Adults at Risk and our older generation.

My company seeks to provide a unique and specialised service. I can offer Forensic Accounting, Fraud Investigation and Elder Financial Abuse Specialist advice and Investigation. The financial abuse of adults at risk, is sadly often misunderstood by the police. The complexities of the victim and difficulties found in an investigation can cause a lack of prosecution of perpetrators. A sizeable proportion of fraud is never investigated by the police, this is due predominantly to of a lack of resources and dearth of specialist trained officers.

Knowing that victims simply have nowhere else to go, I seek to provide an alternative solution.

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