Carrying on the S42 Safeguarding Enquiry debate

The Care Act is being interpreted in so many ways it makes you wonder why the annual safeguarding return is even collated and published.

Some Local Authorities claim to have converted 100% of safeguarding concerns received from agencies such as the Police, Ambulance, care Providers etc into a S.42 enquiry under the Care Act.

3 things need to be present for the statutory S42 duty to undertake the enquiry

1. Care and Support need

2. Risk of or being abused or neglect

3. Because of the care and support need the person is unable to protect themselves

Other Local Authorities claim only 3% are converted.

In reality the Local Authority converting 100% shows a massively abusive community which in fact is simply poor decision making by Safeguarding Adult staff.

Eastern Ambulance service “celebrated” on Twitter today to making 5,229 Safeguarding concerns in December…a staggering 175 every day…I will guarantee the majority are flagging a vulnerability and are not safeguarding concerns.

Sadly its a mess nationally and no one seems willing to make sense of it


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